50 Incredible ways to Use Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping #1- #3

Do you know furoshiki?
a Japanese traditional wrapping technique.

We introducing several way of furoshiki wrapping skills with Furoshiki master Isao Yokoyama. He is young talented furoshiki evangelist. We are happy to introduce how to use furoshiki on our web magazine.

Furoshiki “A multi use wrapping cloth”

Furoshiki is a type of Japanese traditional wrapping cloth. You may say it is just a square piece of cloth, and at first glance it actually is. However, it is more than just a piece of cloth. You can use it as a carrier bag and wrap what ever you want. For example you are able to carry wine bottles, watermelons or any other kind of fruit, as well as bonsai and other plants, books, bento boxes, food and so on. Moreover, you can use it as a tablecloth, a picnic mat or a scarf. It can be used in multiple ways. There is no rule, so you can decide how to use your Furoshiki.


No1. Mamusubi

No2. Hitotsu-musubi

No3. Otsukai-tsutumi