About us

This is a unique web magazine that introduces Japanese traditional crafts and modern but applied traditional techniques products from Japan. We actually visited area of production and have an interview with owner of the production and artisans and introduce their stories, take photos and make videos as many as possible. Currently we have introduced more than 150 items. We always try to introduce only that deserve a nod because if we could not understand why it is good, we can not introduce correctly and honestly.

Our aim is preserve this wonderful Japanese traditional craftsmanship for the future and we would like to make a place where everyone can discover, learn, purchase and share Japanese crafts culture. Basically, the philosophy of Japanese traditional products is to be sustainable and long lasting with proper care. Most of the products are repairable. They are not disposable items. At first they may seem strange to use but if you keep using them, Japanese crafts will eventually lie comfortably in your hand. You can develop emotional attachments to these crafts. We wish you to have this wonderful experience. We are happy to introduce the best of Japan for you.

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