Anna Kozaki Interview Part Two – The Beautiful Art of Cookie Decoration

In October we had the pleasure of introducing a Japanese sweetsmaker in Tokyo, Anna Kozaki, her products had the benefit of not only looking beautiful, but also delicious. In our interview it was interesting to hear her opinions about sweets and Japan:

Humility is a virtue in Japan, thus Japanese creations are usually simple, yet elegant. We don’t fancy extravagant colors or overly strong tastes in our foods, and we are very careful with details in our designs. I believe it’s because of my Japanese heritage that my cookies embody all of those qualities. My next challenge is to continue to be true to these Japanese qualities in me, while I challenge myself to open shops in foreign countries, adjusting to the tastes of the locals in those places.

You can read the rest of her interview here:

Her website can be seen here:

Today we are seeing her at work, and learning about the amazing process to creating delicious cookies!

The first stage is to cut out the dough and bake it, Anna tends to make cookies in a variety of shapes including hearts and cute little animals.

Icing cookies 1

For preparation the icing has to be mixed and placed in a piping bag, now we are ready to decorate!

Icing cookies 2

The first step for icing is to draw outlines on the cookies.

Icing cookies 3

As this is for decoration we need more than one colour of icing, we need several in order to make colourful creations. Each colour will need its own piping bag as we don’t want to mix the colours!

Icing cookies 4

Now, we need to fill the cookies with icing, but within the outlines we made before.

Icing cookies 5

Once this is done we can start working on our decorations! For example, on this sheep we can make a flower pattern. As you can see, a steady hand and a keen eye is essential!

Icing cookies 6

For the next couple of photos we need to repeat the above steps for a different cookie, this one is heart shaped and we can use pink icing for the base and then add a flower on top of this one too.

Icing cookies 7 Icing cookies 8

For the next cookie we can use a different method, instead of covering it in one colour we can use a variety of colours to make a pretty pattern.

Icing cookies 9

The next part really needs a skill which can take a lot of practise to perfect, with a toothpick we shape a pattern that we had created with icing.

Icing cookies 10

In the below photo you can see the cookies so far, looking very special and cute!

Icing cookies 11

In the next photo you can see a different three-colored decoration on another cookie.

Icing cookies 12

Halfway there!

Icing cookies 13

Now that the ice base has dried we can very delicately draw the eyes and mouth for our sheep cookie.

Icing cookies 14

On these cookies we can also write messages, like on the heart cookie with a flower pattern we can write ‘thank you’ on top, thus creating a very cute gift for someone to give a loved one or friend.

Icing cookies 15

On this sheep cookie we are going to add more decoration.

Icing cookies 16

And now done! A very cute square cookie alongside a heart shaped cookie with a ‘thank you’ message for whoever is lucky enough to be given it.

Icing cookies 17

Below we have more completed cookies ready for customers to buy and eat.

Icing cookies 18

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into cookie decoration, you can see more examples of my work on my website, as well as read my interview for Japanstore last month!

Thank you for joining!

Icing cookies 19