Nitten – Japan’s Great Art Organisation The Nitten is the most popular of all the great art organizations in Japan. The Nitten has a long and industrious history, which began in 1907 as a result of the First Ministry of Education Art Exhibition. In the beginning, the exhibition was referred to as the Bunten. In 1919, the Imperial Art Academy […]

No Ordinary Doll! Naruko Kokeshi Dolls

By Mike Sullivan Beautiful Kokeshi dolls have been around for hundreds of years, originally they were made for children to play with but now they have become an adored collector’s item. They first started making dolls in the north of Japan in the seventeenth century; in places like Miyagi prefecture there are beautiful mountains with […]

A piece of cloth plus ideas equals Furoshiki!

By Saeko Hosokawa Today Japanese traditional culture in the form of Kimonos or Origami is well known in the world. What kind of “art” can you see in that kind of culture? I think it is the idea that changes a plain surface to an object with three dimensions. This time I would like to […]

Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditonal Arts and Crafts - Part Two

Following on from our introduction to the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts which can be seen in the link below, today we are covering the remaining traditional crafts of ishikawa Prefecture! Kaga Cypress Wickerwork Due to the lightness, breathability and durability of the cypress wickerwork, it was first made into hats […]

Japanese Crafts – Hakone-Yosegi-Zaiku Marquetry

In any country a lot of crafts will develop depending on the natural resources which are available, if a village in Fukuoka has a lot of good clay then people will find a way to create beautiful pottery, if an onsen village in the north of Japan has wood and lots of visiting families, then […]

Japanese Crafts – Kaga Yuzen from Ishikawa

The little town of Kaga in Ishikawa prefecture used to be an old temple town which today is famous for not only its temples but also its onsen. In the Edo period (1603-1868) a local printer and dyer, Yuzensai Miyazaki, worked on creating beautiful silk cloth with patterns and managed to perfect what became known […]

Japanese Crafts – Yamaga-toro Lanterns

Yamaga-toro are lanterns manufactured in Yamaga City in Kumamoto Prefecture. They are made using only Japanese paper and glue to create a three-dimensional object. The manufacturing technique has been passed down from the end of the Muromachi period, which is applied not only to conventional votive offerings but also to decorative figures, gifts or souvenirs, […]

Japanese Crafts – Nambu Ironware

In the area around Morioka in Iwate Prefecture people used to have a different name for this location, it  was known as Nambu in the Edo period (1603-1868). In Nambu traditional ironware was produced in two areas, today they are known as Morioka City and in Mizusawa City in the south. It is believed that […]

Japanese Crafts – Hakata dolls

By Mike Sullivan Dolls have always been a favourite creation of Japanese craftspeople, whether it is the relatively simple Kokeshi dolls from the Onsen towns of north Japan, Gosho dolls from Kyoto in central Japan or Hakata dolls from Fukuoka in the south of the country. Each kind of doll has its own particular beauty […]

Regional Traditional Crafts to Be Exhibited during Expo Milano 2015

From METI website: Designs by Oki SATO in Combination with Traditional Craftsmen’s Techniques – Cool Japan Design Gallery – At Expo Milano 2015, the Cool Japan Design Gallery is to be established as one of the exhibitions at the Japan Pavilion, featuring traditional crafts which are created in collaboration between master craftsmen from every region […]

SIWA paper items : cushioned case size: mini

Review: SIWA cushioned case size: mini SIWA is collaborative project made by Japanese washi paper product maker called ONAO and worldwide designer Naoto Fukasawa. Today we picked SIWA cushioned case, size mini. The size is Wide:18cm Height: 12cm and weight only 21g. More detail please visit SIWA page. SIWA cushioned case size:mini This product is […]