Fifty Great Suggestions for a Trip to Kyoto!

10 Kyoto Areas Kyoto sightseeing isn’t the same without visiting Takao, you can go to Kozanji Temple which dates back to 774 and is recognized as a World Heritage Site. In the Mt Hiei area you can visit Enryakuji Temple, one of the most important monasteries in Japan. Shugakuin Imperial Villa is also located […]

The Famous Assassins of Japan – Ninjas

The ninjas were people who served daimyos (feudal lords) during the Sengoku Period (1493-1573), whose missions included sneaking into the enemy’s camp, conducting espionage, and assassinations. They are also known as shinobi no mono (sneaking person). They were famous for their legendary skills such as igaryu (iga style) and kogaryu (koka style). They used ninjutsu […]

Japanese Traditions – The Mischievious Gods of Japan Yokai (妖怪)

Yokai, such as Oni, Kappa and Tengu, are imaginary beings that are thought to make otherwise incomprehensible phenomena occur. They are part and parcel of the rich mythological history which one can find in Japan, they are ghosts, they are phantoms and they are gods. We previously introduced one kind of Yokai, Tengu, here, Tengu […]

Golden Week in Japan – 2015

Every country has a time of year where people take time off and relax, national holidays are used for celebration and leisure activities, and in particular in many countries you will find many businesses either close or work much reduced hours during the Christmas to New Year Period which can span up to ten days. […]

Japanese Culture – The Amazing Food of Japan

The food of Japan benefits from many influences, including nearby countries such as China, as well as the huge variety of food available at its doorstep. For someone new to Japanese culture it might appear confusing, and even for someone familiar with Japanese food there are always surprises. So, lets investigate some of the variety […]

Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival – 2015

Traditionally when people think of seeing cherry blossoms in Japan they think of late March to April, however perhaps not so well known is that it is possible to enjoy the blossoming of these beautiful trees from February in the countryside. One of the most well-known places is in Kawazu, in Shizuoka prefecture where a […]

Japanese Traditions – The Story of the Monster Tengu (天狗)

Tengu is an imaginary being, a type of monster that lives deep in the mountains. It has an appearance similar to that of a human being, but it has a red face with a strange, big nose. Tengu have Jintsuriki (supernatural powers), as well as wings which allow them to fly the sky. In the […]

Hanami in Japan – Cherry Blossoms and Sake!

By Weini Liao Hanami, also known as flower viewing, is a traditional Japanese custom. The flower here usually means sakura or cherry blossoms in English. Sakura is national flower in Japan and is regarded as the symbol of Japanese spirit: wither or die at the peak moment of one’s life. Hanami originated from the entertainment […]

A Prince’s Trip to Japan – A Royal Visit

Last week Prince William of the UK arrived in Japan for a four day trip, and it is quite impressive what a prince can fit in his timetable during such a short time! On the first day of his Japan tour Prince William went to the Nakajima Tea House, this was built 350 years ago […]

Japanese Theatre and Comedy – Mr Potsunen’s Peculiar Slice of Life

An aspect of Japanese culture that you might not see often outside of Japan is that of theatre. In fact if you ask most people about Japanese theatre they might mention Noh theatre or Kabuki theatre, but it is unlikely they have actually seen a show. In truth the Japanese theatrical scene is very rich, […]

Setsubun Bean-Throwing Festival

「鬼は外!福は内!(Devils Out! Fortune In!)」 On the 3rd of February every year, you might hear these words around your friend’s or other people’s places in Japan. But what does it mean? Where does it come from? And who are the devils?? You might get a clue from the word “Setsubun” if you have heard it before. […]

50 Incredible ways to Use Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping #1- #3

Do you know furoshiki? a Japanese traditional wrapping technique. We introducing several way of furoshiki wrapping skills with Furoshiki master Isao Yokoyama. He is young talented furoshiki evangelist. We are happy to introduce how to use furoshiki on our web magazine. Furoshiki “A multi use wrapping cloth” Furoshiki is a type of Japanese traditional wrapping […]