A Very Merry Fried Chicken Christmas

By Atsuka Fukaya You may have found the title of this article quite puzzling, which is no surprise. In how many countries would you find a combination of the words Christmas and fried chicken? ‘Surely, you mean turkey?’ is something you might be thinking. Well, I am afraid that I don’t mean that, because I […]

Overview of 2014 Culture – The Best of Japan!

Over the past year we have introduced a lot of Japanese culture, but the truth is that there is still so much more to introduce, and even we are learning something new sometimes! We have really enjoyed working hard to show the best of Japan, and in 2015 we aim to continue doing this. So […]

A Visual Guide to Japan – The Port City of Kobe

Kobe is a beautiful city located between mountains and the sea in central Japan, it is not far from Osaka and it is the sixth largest city in the country. Earliest records of settlements in this area point to Kobe being continually populated since the 2nd century, although it has mainly served as a port […]

Samurai Armour – Famous Armour which is both beautiful and functional

By Mike Sullivan When one visits Japan, and in particular goes to a castle, it is possible to enjoy the experience of wearing samurai armour. You might wonder what is so special about Japanese armour, most countries in the world have had the traditional of manufacturing armour for war such as that worn by European […]

Oh-Chochin Matsuri (Giant Lantern Festival) – Aichi Prefecture

By Mike Sullivan This is a Japanese festival near Nagoya which is meant to protect people from evil spirits and also to pray for calm seas as well as for fishermen to get a large catch of fish. It is known as one of the brightest and most beautiful festivals due to the use of […]

Shogi – A Traditional Japanese Game with a History Covering 1000 Years

By Mike Sullivan. Shogi is a Japanese version of a kind of chess, if you are an avid fan of Japanese anime, manga or even film then you have most likely seen it being played. Although, it might not have been very clear how exactly one plays it! However, for foreigners it does help create […]

Sumo Japanese National Sports

By Ramata Cisse Amongst the many traditions that continues to flourish in Japan, sumo wrestling has to be one of the most grandiose. The sheer size of the participants is enough to impress. And believe me, my brief encounter with these giants at the airport on my way back from Japan had me stunned. Still, […]


By Ramata Cisse A long long time ago, there lived a monk and his cat in a temple, called Goutokuji (豪徳寺). The monk was very poor, but still looked after his cat with the greatest care and always shared his meals. One day, a samurai found himself taking shelter from a storm underneath a tree […]