Interview with Tomomi Kitazawa – Abstract Ceramics

Please introduce yourself and your background, in particular could you tell us about the differences between studying ceramics in Japan and Hungary? My name is Tomomi Kitazawa Kennedy. I am originally from Tokyo. I live in the North of England and have a little studio at home where I make abstract ceramic sculptures. I have […]

Interview with Elisa Yanagi – Actress in Movie Lust of Angels

Please tell us about how you became involved in the movie “The Lust of Angels” I received an offer from the director. Saori and her friend didn’t share the same values, although they wanted to arrest molesters together, Saori actually is a complicated person. How did you feel about Saori as a character? I think […]

Interview with Keiko Murakami – Classical Flutist

Please introduce yourself and your background, where is your family from in Japan? I’m from Shimane, I grow up in a beautiful countryside. I studied there until the end of the university. Then I came to France to study music in Strasbourg Conservatory. Now I live in Strasbourg, and I’m involved in several contemporary music […]

Interview with Yukino Omura – Contemporary Artist

Please introduce yourself. My name is Yukino Omura. I’m a contemporary artist, my goal is to lead a new art trend in the world. I start to get media attention after I won Tokyo Midtown Award in 2012. I’ve been making urban night view paintings by stationary seals since 2010. I want to show the […]

Interview with Mari Ishikawa – German Based Artist and Artisan

Please introduce yourself and your background. Why did you move to Germany? I am a Jewellery and photograph artist in Munich, Germany. I was born in Kyoto. I studied art education in Japan. I worked at first as an interior architect and designer. In 1994 I came to Munich and enrolled in Professor Otto Künzli’s […]

Interview with Akiko Hirai – UK based Craftswoman

By Mike Sullivan Please introduce yourself and your background. I make pottery in the UK, in London. I hold workshops in studios where artists work together, which isn’t that rare here. AKIKO HIRAI from Dan Fontanelli on Vimeo. Please tell us about your work. I make ceramics for exhibitions and galleries in the UK […]

Interview with Keiko Masumoto – Ceramic Designer

By Weini Liao Please introduce yourself My name is Keiko Masumoto. I was born in Tatsuno, Hyogo, in 1982. I graduated from the faculty and master of fine arts, Kyoto City University of Arts. I worked in Kyoto for about 10 years, after Kyoto, I worked as a guest artist at the University of the […]

Interview with Keiko Suzuki – Self-Taught Hand-Torn Newspaper Collage Artist

By Mike Sullivan Please introduce yourself and your background. My name is Keiko Suzuki, and I am a self-taught hand-torn newspaper collage artist originally from Tokyo, and currently live in the USA. Please tell us about your work. My work is created with discarded newspapers. I collect color pieces from the advertisements and the […]

Interview with Kosuke Takaya – Film Director Buy Bling, Get One free

Kosuke Takaya is a young and exciting film director whose movie  Buy Bling, Get One Free was recently shown at the Raindance Film Festival in London, and is being released on a DVD which includes films by other up and coming directors: Kosuke Takaya’s film was part of a Japanese governmental initiative run by […]