“ CYA!Modern ~ to the next stage ” Artworks from Sezon Museum of Modern Art & Sezon Art Gallery

Sezon Art Gallery http://sezonartgallery.com/en/exhibition/cya/

2017/11/03 – 2017/11/25

“ CYA!Modern ~ to the next stage ” Artworks from Sezon Museum of Modern Art & Sezon Art Gallery

Making its sensational debut with the “Marcel Duchamp” Exhibition on the summer of 1981,
Sezon Museum of Modern Art has been spending its time with numerous works of Japanese artists through the “Art Today” Exhibition, introducing not only 20th century art from overseas, but emerging young artists as well. Starting with Seiji Tsutsumi (The founder of Sezon Museum of Modern Art), Usami Keiji and his comrade Hideo Namba (Director of museum), Kumi Sugai who was active in Paris, Hisao Domoto, Shusaku Arakawa who owns 128 pieces of “The Mechanism of Meaning”, and too numerous to mention when the generation goes down even further to Yoichiro Yoda and Mitsumasa Kadota.

What widened that horizon was Sezon Art Gallery, which gave its first cry on November 25, 2017; on the death anniversary of Seiji Tsutsumi. There, transcending the classification done by the dispatcher of art such as fine-art and design by pursuing the receiver’s “Joy”, various artists who would have been unable in Karuizawa were introduced; And will come to an end on Seiji Tsutumi’s death anniversary, November 25.

With the collection of Japanese artists from Sezon Museum of Modern Art at Karuizawa and the works of young artists announced at Sezon Art Gallery coming across in unison, this is to be the exhibition appropriate to encrust the epilogue of Sezon Art Gallery. We would appreciate if the activities and the future which awaits Sezon from this exhibition are taken in; an exhibition curated by the representative of both the museum and galley, Takao Tsutsumi.


Shusaku Arakawa
Keiji Usami
Kouseki Ono
Mitsumasa Kadota
Mitsuo Kano
Kumi Sugai
Shuzo Takiguchi
Hisao Domoto
Natsuyuki Nakanishi
Taishi Hatayama
Ben Mori
Tadanori Yokoo
Yoichiro Yoda