Hyper Japan London Part Two – Performers of the show and Interviews

Text and photos by Mike Sullivan

Hyper Japan has come back to London for the 6th year in a role and this year it was bigger than ever with many exhibitors, workshops, events and performers. Hyper Japan is best described exactly as its organisers have stated:

A dynamic blend of traditional and modern Japanese culture, HYPER JAPAN offers something for everyone, whether you want to discover new hot music artists, or discover the latest up and coming performing arts – play dress up with the latest kawaii fashion, judge the very best sushi chefs in the UK, or sample the delicious sake on offer – HYPER JAPAN is a truly unique event that offers something for both the dedicated Japanophile, and those not so familiar with Japanese culture.


Near the fringe market there was a stage that had a popular line up of different performances. A very interesting one had Okinawan music with traditional dance. The singers and dancers wore beautiful Japanese clothing and they were appreciated by a large audience. I guess this goes to show how even lesser known aspects of Japanese culture are really enjoyed by many people.



Another performance was by Odori Karakuri Gatari, a Japanese performance group which uses many kinds of art skills, their performances consist of three elements:

Odori: An original dance based on Japanese traditional dances, sword battles, and other cultural elements.

KARAKURI: Life-size Japanese style puppets, and animations are projected on the screen.

Gatari: Stories and Manga.





On the Kawaii stage there were performances by famous J-pop singers who we had the pleasure of interviewing. Anna Yano gained fame when she modeled for magazines such as Used Mix and SEDA, and due to her appearances in Lolita fashion magazines, and last year she released her first mini album. Here is an excerpt from our interview:

Will you be coming back to the UK?

I hope that I can come back every year! I have really enjoyed this trip.

Finally, what do you think about Hyper Japan?

I really like Hyper Japan. Personally, I love anime and music, but I am really happy that we can bring this kind of culture to other countries.

The rest of the interview can be read here:




Yun*chi is a pop singer and model, she has become well known for her voice through her work with compilation covers of anime songs. In November 2012 she made her major debut with the mini-album Yun*chi, this was followed by two more mini-albums and in February of this year she released her first full album Asterisk*.

She also gave very popular performances at Hyper Japan, in particular singing her single Your Song which was used for the anime Log Horizon. We enjoyed interviewing her! Below is an excerpt from her interview:

How do you feel to be in London for Hyper Japan?

I’m very happy to be back in London and I hope to come back again next year. I really like the clubs in London, and also last year I had fish and chips and it was really delicious!

What is your favourite thing about Japan?

I love green tea, so for example the other day I went to Japan Centre in central London and bought some there. I also love shochu mixed with green tea.

The rest of the interview can be read here:




Siro-A is often described as Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group, they are a revolution in entertainment which fuses mime, visual effects and an electro soundtrack to create an experience that really needs to be seen to be believed. Using these different elements the Siro-performers use with technology in a way which has never been seen before. Their performance at Hyper Japan attracted huge crowds and it was really fun to interview them. We hope to be able to present their interview soon!