Interview with Yun*Chi – Jpop Singer and Model

Text and photos by Mike Sullivan

Yun*chi is a pop singer and model, she has become well known for her voice through her work with compilation covers of anime songs. In November 2012 she made her major debut with the mini-album Yun*chi, this was followed by two more mini-albums and in February of this year she released her first full album Asterisk*.


Her producers are ASOBISYSTEM, a company known for managing such artists as Kyarypamyupamyu.

When she was growing up she heard her mother sing a lot and she quickly decided herself to become a singer. Last year she performed at Hyper Japan and this year she returned again to perform for her many fans.

Recently you released your third mini-album Starlight, can you tell us about this?

I am a small star thanks to the support and cooperation of my producers and other staff members, I am very grateful for this and I want to be able to shine like a real star and convey my brightness.

At the end of last year you released your single Your song, which was also included in your album Asterisk*, and this song was used for the anime Log Horizon. Can you tell us a little about that?

This song was made specifically for Log Horizon, so basically we had to work together with the anime producers. We came up with different ideas, sounds, etc, until we found the right song which fit the anime.



This song also really shows your amazing voice.

I really want to put my emotions, as well as a story, into my songs, and also I think it is a very natural and unique voice.

Are there any other singers who particularly inspire you?

I actually love so many, for example in Log Horizon there was another singer who I am a big fan of, but really there are so many talented people out there.

What would you say is a particular source of motivation for you?

I like to go out and have a drink with my friends, listen to loud music and just hang out.



How do you feel to be in London for Hyper Japan?

I’m very happy to be back in London and I hope to come back again next year. I really like the clubs in London, and also last year I had fish and chips and it was really delicious!

What is your favourite thing about Japan?

I love green tea, so for example the other day I went to Japan Centre in central London and bought some there. I also love shochu mixed with green tea.

And your favourite food?


You can find full details about Yun*Chi on her website below:


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