My Dear Ice Cream Lover, 15.0% Ice Cream Spoon Softens the Hardest Häagen-Dazs

Boon to ice cream lovers!


To all ice cream lovers, there is nothing worse than not being able to dig into extra-frozen impossibly hard ice cream. When we had ice cream we always think about put in microwave? No, It’s a risky gamble, waiting for it to soften at room temperature? It makes me…argh!! who can wait for it! You might loose the best timing. Well, Despair no more, as this aluminum ice cream spoon shovels into any ice cream smoothly, thanks to aluminum’s great heat conductivity in transporting the warmth of your hand to melt even the toughest ice cream through the tip of the spoon.

Takata Lemnos x 15.0spoon

Takata Lemnos x Häagen-Dazs003

This is my private 15.0% ice cream spoon -vanilla-

 The handle is made thicker and rounder than a normal spoon, dispersing the force collected at this end and allowing you to dig into ice cream without hurting your palm.

Takata Lemnos x Häagen-Dazs004Ok let’s dig into ice cream!

Takata Lemnos x Häagen-Dazs006

Can you see the head of spoon? It’s melting perfectly.

But Do We Really Need this?

For Ice Cream Lovers,We hardly recommend for you or you can give this as a gift for Ice Cream Lovers! This spoon is heat conducting design so it of course melt your ice cream but it makes your hand bit cold too. Because this 15.0% ice cream spoon forged from solid aluminum that has a thermal conductivity of 237 W/mK. Generally said that the best temperature to serve ice cream is between 6°F and 10°F (-14℃ and -12℃)Refer to( It is really depends on your favourite tenderness however this spoon makes right temperature even you have just take out from freezer.

Takata Lemnos x Häagen-Dazs007 Takata Lemnos x Häagen-Dazs010

But of course you can use regular spoon and just put into warm water before digging into your favourite Ice cream like Haagen-Dazs Green tea flavour, but you wont do again and again in each time when you dig into.

Imagine that you are settled into your favorite chair or sofa and having great moment with watching a movie or reading a book, you cannot go to kitchen to warm up your normal spoon. It’s “面倒臭い(Mendo-kusai)=Bother”.

Enjoy your Ice Cream Moment

It comes in three shape specific to different flavor, each shaped for optimum bowl-scraping. The vanilla version has an egg-shaped tip, the chocolate model comes with an angular end, it fits bottom corner of the ice cream cup, and the strawberry one has a fork-shaped tip, ideal for drilling into your sorbet.

Takata Lemnos x 15.0spoon
01. vanilla

Takata Lemnos x 15.0spoon003

02. chocolate

Takata Lemnos x 15.0spoon002

03. strawberry

Its name “15.0%” indicates the minimum content of milk fat in order to qualify the dessert as “ice cream” set by the Japanese Food Sanitation Law.