Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at the magazine, we only set up our magazine a short while ago and it has been an amazing experience until now. As such we really hope all of our readers have enjoyed reading our articles as much as we have enjoyed writing them, and that you will all continue reading them in the new year.

During 2013 we had articles about some great subjects and interviews with some really interesting people. A round up of this year’s articles can be found below:

Our last cultural article of the year was about Bonsai, we just wrote a general overview, but it seems like a subject that we need to go into more detail about again in future!


As a new feature, director Saneyuki Owada will use a SIWA tote bag for a long period of time and keep us updated every couple of weeks on how the bag is doing – it is made out of tough paper! Lets see how he does.

siwa tote bag size m black 002

One of our last interviews of the year was published on the 17th of December, it was with a multi talented young lady called Clover Lee, she works with pottery, paintings and manga.


On the 12th of December Ramata Cisse introduced Japanese traditional clothing to us, here you can read about Obi.

Joi Ito

On the 10th of December we were able to publish an interview we had with a woodworker from Aichi prefecture, Akihiro Mori, we were really impressed with his furniture!


We started the beginning of December with an article about drinking culture in Japan. Kanpai!


Our first interview of December was with an incredible knitwear designer from Tokyo, Hiroko Nakajima. We really recommend checking out her work.


On the 29th of November we published a really interesting article by Itske Stern about Gosho Ningyo Dolls, they are really beautiful and cute.


Our last interview of November was with a really talented designer who was educated at Tokyo Zokei University, Aya Inoue, she is the person behind Omamori Pokke and other products.


On the 26th November we published an article about Sendai Tansu, this kind of traditional Japanese furniture is truly amazing, yet expensive. It is definitely not the kind of furniture that you will find in any home.


The 14th of November saw the publication of an article about Kokeshi Dolls, Naruko style, if you have not heard of Kokeshi dolls now is your chance to read about them!


Our most popular article of the year was published on the 12th of November, it was about Furoshiki, a simple piece of cloth that can be used for the most amazing things.

water_repellent_furoshiki-Arrival of Autumn- crêpe

Our first ever interview was with the massively talented Midori Takaki, a ceramics artisan based in the UK. We were very interested to hear about her work and how she produces it.


At the beginning of November one of our writers, Ramata Cisse, introduced us to the Shunga Exhibition that is taking place in the British Museum in London.


On the 7th of November we learnt about Omamori Pokke, later in the year we caught up with the designer of this product, Aya Inoue, for an interview.


Our first article of the year was by Saneyuki Owada, he described for us a Kokeshi Dolls Association Meeting that took place in October.

looking favorite kokeshi 2

Once again, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope to see you all in 2014.

Saneyuki Owada, Michael Sullivan, Ramata Cisse, Saeko Hosokawa and Itske Stern

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