A museum dedicated to the work of one of the world’smost important and influential contemporary artists, Yayoi Kusama, will open in October 2017.

The Yayoi Kusama Museum is established by Yayoi Kusama and managed by the general incorporated association, Yayoi Kusama Foundation with the purpose of presenting, promoting and preserving Kusama’s art through the exhibition of her artworks and related material.

A key aim of the museum is to be a welcoming, educational and inspiring space for broad and diverse audiences; it will transmit the message of world peace and human love, which Kusama has embodied through her work and singular vision during her esteemed career. A series of biannual exhibitions of Kusama’s art will be held, as well as associated lectures.

I have created my long-desired Yayoi Kusama Museum, accomplishing my profound lifelong hope of having everyone be able to see my artwork. This is the greatest inspiration of my entire life.
There is no greater pleasure than having everybody see and feel my philosophy towards life manifested in the Yayoi Kusama Museum: all my love devoted to all beloved humans through a sincere, lifelong endeavor towards art.
With ever greater awe for the people that I love, and the people that wish for world peace, I will keep on fighting until the last day of my life. I ask you to encourage me with your strength of will. I built this museum because I wanted to communicate this strong desire to you all.
Dearest humans, please forever love this museum that I love, with all your greatest love.
Thank you and best regards.
Yayoi Kusama

Greetings at the opening of YAYOI KUSAMA MUSEUM

For all those who love the art of Yayoi Kusama, the much-anticipated Yayoi Kusama Museum has now finally opened its doors. Run as the principal of the Yayoi Kusama Foundation, itself established in January of this year. The museum presents major works from Kusama’s earlier years up until the present day. Through various activities and events – including lectures, publications, and displays of ephemera and documentation, its aim is to honor Yayoi Kusama’s myriad achievements.

Kusama’s work has been exhibited in many of the major museums, Biennales and Triennales all over the world. However, we believe that a private museum, whose concept originated with the artist herself, is an important, unprecedented opportunity for a deeper understanding of her unique trajectory. A dedicated museum will give visitors a chance to learn about the courageous battles that Kusama has fought as an avant-garde artist, allowing them to experience and feel the sincerity of her ideas, namely of saving the world through love.

Over many years the artist has received international acclaim and attention and now, as she strives to create vigorously, it could be said that it is Kusama’s second golden age. The museum has set aside a space to present her brand-new works so that visitors can witness the breadth of her vivid brush strokes. This museum will continue to pursue its mission of honoring Yayoi Kusama’s brilliant accomplishments by showcasing her work to Japan and
to the rest of the world. I would like to finish by asking for your warm and continued support of our activities.
Akira Tatehata

Inaugural exhibition outline
Title: YAYOI KUSAMA MUSEUM Inaugural Exhibition
“Creation is a Solitary Pursuit, Love is What Brings You Closer to Art”
Content: An inaugural exhibition mainly featuring the latest painting series “My Eternal Soul”

Period: October 1, 2017 (Sun.) to February 25, 2018 (Sun.)
*Closed from December 25, 2017 to January 17, 2018

Opening days: Thursdays to Sundays and National Holidays
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 17:00
Admission Times: ①11:00 – 12:30 (Enter by 11:30)
②12:30 – 14:00 (Enter by 13:00)
③14:00 – 15:30 (Enter by 14:30)
④15:30 – 17:00 (Enter by 16:00)

*For the visitors’ safety and enjoyment, Yayoi Kusama Museum offers the pre-purchase system on its website with four different time slots per day (50 viewers per a 90-minute timed slot, tickets valid for one program only).
Admission charges (including tax):
Adults: JPY1,000 Children aged 6-18: JPY600
*Children under age 6 are admitted free of charge.
*Group rates are not applicable.
*Tickets go on sale at 10am (Japan Time) on the first day of each month for entry in the month after next. (For example, tickets for May 1 through May 31 go on sale from March 1). Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be changed. Tickets can be purchased through the museum’s website. To purchase tickets and for further details, please go to the museum’s website.

About the inaugural exhibition of the museum
This inaugural exhibition of Yayoi Kusama Museum focuses on the latest painting series “My Eternal Soul”. Besides 16 works form this series, 27 works of monochrome drawing series “Love Forever” which is the forerunner of “My Eternal Soul”, a new pumpkin sculpture as well as her latest installation work conceived specially for this exhibition will be displayed, introducing the latest works of Yayoi Kusama, who continues to evolve today.

Exhibition composition
2nd floor: 27 works from the monochrome drawing series “Love Forever”
3rd floor: 16 works from the colorful canvas series “My Eternal Soul”
5th floor rooftop: New sculpture “Starry Pumpkin”

About the Museum
Location: 107 Bentencho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0851
Building: Reinforced-concrete 5 stories above ground and 1 below
Construction area: 131 m2, Total floor area: 731.6 m2
Opening: October 1, 2017 (Sun.)
Director: Akira Tatehata
Floor outline
1st floor: Entrance, Reception and Shop
2nd floor Gallery
3rd floor: Gallery
4th floor: Gallery
5th floor: Browsing space (Library), Rooftop Gallery