Interview with Akira Nagai – CM and Film Director

By Mike Sullivan. Translation by Saneyuki Owada We interviewed film director Akira Nagai, who recently made his first film ‘Judge!’, at the Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2014 in London. He normally directs advertisements, known in Japan as CMs and his work has included ‘TOYOTOWN,’ ‘GREEN DAKARA’ and more in Japan. The movie ‘Judge!’ is […]

Terracotta Film Festival London

By Mike Sullivan Previously we discussed the Terracotta Film Festival, in particular the Japanese movies that were being shown as can be seen here. This was the fifth year that this event has taken place and we were privileged not only to attend the press event, see Japanese movies and enjoy the after-party, but […]

Terracotta Far East Asian Film Festival Press Event, London

By Mike Sullivan The Terracotta Far East Film Festival has been running for five years in London, UK and it is an increasingly big event, I was lucky enough this year to get invited to the press event and see a preview of the movies and events that will take place later in May. It […]