Ojizo-sama, Protector of Travellers, Firemen, Expectant Mothers and Children.

Text and photos by Ramata Cisse Do you know which deity is one of Japan’s favourite? If you have ever visited, you will have more than likely seen him along a road or a cemetery. He’s usually represented in statue form, with a bald head, wearing a robe and a very big smile. That’s right. […]

Japanese Gardens

By Ramata Cisse. Landscape Garden @ Kenninji Temple / MrHicks46 Art often takes on many forms. Be it a a drawing, a photograph, a poem or even a garden. In Japan, the art of designing a garden is a skill that has been honed for over a thousand years and the results continue to be […]

Samurai – Japanese Warriors and Gentlemen

By Mike Sullivan Perhaps one of the most famous people of Japan, and whom foreigners always think of when they think about Japan, are the samurai. Although clearly they no longer exist today in the same way that people think of them, i.e. men with topknots wearing traditional Japanese clothes cutting down anyone who challenges […]

Japanese Interior Kites – More than just a Toy

By Mike Sullivan A surprising aspect behind Japanese kites is that they date back to the Nara period (649-794 AD) when Buddhist missionaries in China introduced them to Japan. Quickly they spread across the country where they were used in rituals and were quickly adapted to the local culture of each village and town. In […]

New Year’s in Japan

New Year’s in Japan. By Saneyuki Owada It is almost the New Year season. Have you enjoyed your Christmas? In Japan, 31st of December and New Year’s day are the most important days for Japanese people. It is quite a contrast to Western countries, I have heard Christmas is the most important event for Western […]