Interview with Keiko Masumoto – Ceramic Designer

By Weini Liao Please introduce yourself My name is Keiko Masumoto. I was born in Tatsuno, Hyogo, in 1982. I graduated from the faculty and master of fine arts, Kyoto City University of Arts. I worked in Kyoto for about 10 years, after Kyoto, I worked as a guest artist at the University of the […]

An Interview with Mizuyo Yamashita – Ceramic Designer

Please introduce yourself and your background. My name is Mizuyo Yamashita. I came to the UK in 2000 to study English and I started working in pottery as a hobby. Now I have a studio in East London. I was born and grew up in a big family of 7 including 2 brothers. My father […]

Fukushima Ceramist – Koishiwara pottery

By Saneyuki Owada Koishiwara pottery ware is a traditional item which is made in Toho village, Fukuoka Japan, which is more than 1,000km west from Tokyo. Toho village has been making Koishiwara pottery ware since the early Edo period (1669-). This village was merged from two villages, Koishiwara village and Hoshuyama village in 2005. Moreover, […]

Interview with Kaori Tatebayashi – Japanese Ceramic Artisan in the UK

Photo by Ben Boswell By Mike Sullivan Please introduce yourself and your background. I was born in a small village called Arita in Japan, noted for its fine porcelain. My Grandfather had a wholesale shop and would travel around Japan with samples in order to take orders for ceramic products. Ever since I can remember, […]

Interview with Reiko Kaneko – Ceramic Designer educated at Central St Martins London

By Mike Sullivan Reiko Kaneko graduated from Central St Martins, University of Arts London, previously she worked in East London for a number of years but last year she made the move to Stoke-on-Trent in order to be closer to the manufacturers of Fine Bone China. There are around 7,000 people working in the pottery […]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at the magazine, we only set up our magazine a short while ago and it has been an amazing experience until now. As such we really hope all of our readers have enjoyed reading our […]

Interview with Clover Lee – Creative Talent – Manga Artist and Potter

By Mike Sullivan Clover Lee is originally from China and is based in London, UK. She is an incredibly talented young woman who not only creates pottery, such as sake sets, but also paints within a unique Chinese-Japanese kind of style and also has her own manga series. She frequently attends exhibitions where customers can […]

Interview with Midori Takaki – Unique Ceramics Artisan

By Mike Sullivan This week we have been very lucky to have been able to interview a very talented artist based in the UK. Originally she came to the UK to study Social Anthropology, however since taking up ceramics in 2008 she has become quite well known for her fascinating work involving animals, masks, doll […]