Japanese Crafts – Hakata dolls

By Mike Sullivan Dolls have always been a favourite creation of Japanese craftspeople, whether it is the relatively simple Kokeshi dolls from the Onsen towns of north Japan, Gosho dolls from Kyoto in central Japan or Hakata dolls from Fukuoka in the south of the country. Each kind of doll has its own particular beauty […]

The perfection of “Mingei” Beauty -Koishiwara pottery-

Text and photos by Saneyuki Owada History of Koishiwara pottery Chikuzen, is the old naming of the north part of Fukuoka prefecture area, the provincial daimyo (lord) Kuroda Mitsuyuki invited a potter from Imari, the west part of Saga prefecture, to produce fine porcelain. Hachinojo, a grandson of Takatori Hachizo and a founder of Takatori […]

Fukushima Ceramist – Koishiwara pottery

By Saneyuki Owada Koishiwara pottery ware is a traditional item which is made in Toho village, Fukuoka Japan, which is more than 1,000km west from Tokyo. Toho village has been making Koishiwara pottery ware since the early Edo period (1669-). This village was merged from two villages, Koishiwara village and Hoshuyama village in 2005. Moreover, […]

Interview with Mayu Ueno – Textile Artisan in Fukuoka

By Mike Sullivan (translation by Saneyuki Owada and Mike Sullivan) Please note that an obi is the sash which is wrapped around the waist when wearing a kimono. Hakata Ori is a weaving technique with a history spanning over 700 years in Japan. Please introduce yourself and your background. I make Hakata Ori (Hakata folk […]