Japanese Culture – The Amazing Food of Japan

The food of Japan benefits from many influences, including nearby countries such as China, as well as the huge variety of food available at its doorstep. For someone new to Japanese culture it might appear confusing, and even for someone familiar with Japanese food there are always surprises. So, lets investigate some of the variety […]

A Very Merry Fried Chicken Christmas

By Atsuka Fukaya You may have found the title of this article quite puzzling, which is no surprise. In how many countries would you find a combination of the words Christmas and fried chicken? ‘Surely, you mean turkey?’ is something you might be thinking. Well, I am afraid that I don’t mean that, because I […]

Anna Kozaki Interview Part Two – The Beautiful Art of Cookie Decoration

In October we had the pleasure of introducing a Japanese sweetsmaker in Tokyo, Anna Kozaki, her products had the benefit of not only looking beautiful, but also delicious. In our interview it was interesting to hear her opinions about sweets and Japan: Humility is a virtue in Japan, thus Japanese creations are usually simple, yet […]