Japanese Traditions – The Mischievious Gods of Japan Yokai (妖怪)

Yokai, such as Oni, Kappa and Tengu, are imaginary beings that are thought to make otherwise incomprehensible phenomena occur. They are part and parcel of the rich mythological history which one can find in Japan, they are ghosts, they are phantoms and they are gods. We previously introduced one kind of Yokai, Tengu, here, Tengu […]

Japanese Interior Kite – Once Connected People with Gods

By Saneyuki Owada Japanese Interior Kite History of Kites Flying high in skies around the world, kites have connected humans with the celestial dome since ancient times. Throughout history, they’ve served many purposes: as military tools, as instruments that revealed the electrical property of lightning, and as prototypes for the very first aircraft. Today, they’re […]

Japanese Gardens

By Ramata Cisse. Landscape Garden @ Kenninji Temple / MrHicks46 Art often takes on many forms. Be it a a drawing, a photograph, a poem or even a garden. In Japan, the art of designing a garden is a skill that has been honed for over a thousand years and the results continue to be […]