World heritage candidate for 2017 to be known by July

From Japan Times A government panel said Monday it will pick a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site candidate to promote for 2017 by the end of July. The panel has four candidates, including Jomon archaeological sites in Hokkaido, northern Tohoku and other regions, and the Sado complex of heritage mines, which are primarily gold […]

Interview with Hidemi Asano – Jewellery Artisan using the Japanese Tradition of Minimalism

By Mike Sullivan Please introduce yourself and your background. I was born in Osaka, the second largest city in Japan until we moved to a town called Takarazuka which is in Hyogo prefecture. At first, I hesitated that I’d been thrown into a rural envelopment but gradually I settled. I suppose my source of inspiration […]

Interview with Yoko Yamada – Watch Artisan in Tokyo

Translation by Saneyuki Owada. Please introduce yourself and your background. My name is Yoko Yamada, I am making hand crafted watches at my own brand “Ipsilon”. I first entered this handcraft world when I was student and I was studying metal carving at jewelry art school. After I finished school I went abroad to study […]