Japanese Traditions – The Story of the Monster Tengu (天狗)

Tengu is an imaginary being, a type of monster that lives deep in the mountains. It has an appearance similar to that of a human being, but it has a red face with a strange, big nose. Tengu have Jintsuriki (supernatural powers), as well as wings which allow them to fly the sky. In the […]

Interview with Keiko Masumoto – Ceramic Designer

By Weini Liao Please introduce yourself My name is Keiko Masumoto. I was born in Tatsuno, Hyogo, in 1982. I graduated from the faculty and master of fine arts, Kyoto City University of Arts. I worked in Kyoto for about 10 years, after Kyoto, I worked as a guest artist at the University of the […]

A Visual Guide to Japan – Itsukushima Shrine

Text and photos by Mike Sullivan On a beautiful island not far from Hiroshima there is a famous shrine which attracts a constant stream of eager visitors. The island itself is located to the northwest of Hiroshima bay and is known as Itsukushima, however it is usually called Miyajima which in Japanese means shrine island […]

Chashaku Teaspoon – An essential craft for traditional Japanese tea ceremony

By Mike Sullivan. Photos by 日本伝統食文化協会(Japanese Traditional Dietary Culture Association) In order to understand the importance of the Chashaku spoon it is necessary to start with an explanation about the world famous Japanese tea ceremony. This ceremony is more than about drinking tea, it is an artistic experience bound by rules and traditions which belongs […]

Interview with Akira Mochizuki – 2nd Generation Hina Doll Maker

By Mike Sullivan. Translation by Saneyuki Owada. Please introduce yourself and your background. My name is  Akira Mochizuki, I am a second generation Mochizuki doll maker and head of my own company. Please tell us about your work. My role is making and selling Hina dolls. How long does it take to become a doll […]