Interview with Keiko Murakami – Classical Flutist

Please introduce yourself and your background, where is your family from in Japan? I’m from Shimane, I grow up in a beautiful countryside. I studied there until the end of the university. Then I came to France to study music in Strasbourg Conservatory. Now I live in Strasbourg, and I’m involved in several contemporary music […]

Shamisen – The Famous Instrument of Japan

By Ramata Cisse When you think of traditional Japanese music, two instruments come to mind almost instantly: the taiko drum, and the shamisen. In terms of sound, art and craft, history and performance, both of these instruments are impressive in their own respects. Let’s take a look at the shamisen! Musique du Japon (musée Guimet) […]

Interview with Seiichi Daimo – US based Singer who recently released his debut EP

Interview by Mike Sullivan Please introduce yourself and your background. Where is your family originally from in Japan? Hello! My name is Seiichi Daimo. I am half Japanese, half Caucasian, American, Singer Songwriter. My father is originally from Kagoshima Japan. Most of my family is from there and the Osaka area. I recently released my […]

Interview with Anna Yano – Japanese Singer and Model

Text and photos by Mike Sullivan Hyper Japan came back to London for the sixth time and on this occasion the visitors could see a performance by Anna Yano. She first came to the public’s attention in 2010 when she modeled for magazines such as Used Mix and SEDA, and due to her appearances in […]

Interview with Yun*Chi – Jpop Singer and Model

Text and photos by Mike Sullivan Yun*chi is a pop singer and model, she has become well known for her voice through her work with compilation covers of anime songs. In November 2012 she made her major debut with the mini-album Yun*chi, this was followed by two more mini-albums and in February of this year […]