Hanami in Japan – Cherry Blossoms and Sake!

By Weini Liao Hanami, also known as flower viewing, is a traditional Japanese custom. The flower here usually means sakura or cherry blossoms in English. Sakura is national flower in Japan and is regarded as the symbol of Japanese spirit: wither or die at the peak moment of one’s life. Hanami originated from the entertainment […]

Calm yourself with Nousaku Crafts

By Saneyuki Owada. History of Takaoka metal casting. Metal casting has long been a treasured skill in Japan, dating back several centuries. As it spells “celebrated” or “long-lived metal” in Chinese characters, skilled craftsmen who can cast anything from agricultural tools to religious ornaments were highly revered by local feudal lords. Takaoka’s history as one […]

Edo Kiriko Glassware – Beautiful Crafts that resulted from European Influence

By Mike Sullivan A typical image of Japanese people, and in particular of traditional Japanese people eating or drinking, would feature cups and plates but nothing made out of glass, even when we think of sake cups the common image is of something made out of ceramics. It therefore might be surprising to hear that […]

Japan and Sake – A Drink Everyone Should Experience

By Mike Sullivan If you have ever been to a Japanese restaurant you have perhaps either been tempted, or been recommended, to order a typical Japanese drink known as sake. This alcoholic drink is clear looking in appearance and is normally served either cold or hot, normally it is served in a special beaker (=徳利 […]