Samurai Armour – Famous Armour which is both beautiful and functional

By Mike Sullivan When one visits Japan, and in particular goes to a castle, it is possible to enjoy the experience of wearing samurai armour. You might wonder what is so special about Japanese armour, most countries in the world have had the traditional of manufacturing armour for war such as that worn by European […]

Shogi – A Traditional Japanese Game with a History Covering 1000 Years

By Mike Sullivan. Shogi is a Japanese version of a kind of chess, if you are an avid fan of Japanese anime, manga or even film then you have most likely seen it being played. Although, it might not have been very clear how exactly one plays it! However, for foreigners it does help create […]

Samurai – Japanese Warriors and Gentlemen

By Mike Sullivan Perhaps one of the most famous people of Japan, and whom foreigners always think of when they think about Japan, are the samurai. Although clearly they no longer exist today in the same way that people think of them, i.e. men with topknots wearing traditional Japanese clothes cutting down anyone who challenges […]

Kimono – Traditional Japanese Clothing

By Ramata Cisse In a previous article I wrote about a part of the Kimono known as Obi, the sash used to tie a kimono. In that article I discussed the different kinds of Obi that exist, their history and the way they are tied as well as what that meant in terms of meaning […]