Japanese Traditions – The Mischievious Gods of Japan Yokai (妖怪)

Yokai, such as Oni, Kappa and Tengu, are imaginary beings that are thought to make otherwise incomprehensible phenomena occur. They are part and parcel of the rich mythological history which one can find in Japan, they are ghosts, they are phantoms and they are gods. We previously introduced one kind of Yokai, Tengu, here, Tengu […]

Japanese Traditions – The Story of the Monster Tengu (天狗)

Tengu is an imaginary being, a type of monster that lives deep in the mountains. It has an appearance similar to that of a human being, but it has a red face with a strange, big nose. Tengu have Jintsuriki (supernatural powers), as well as wings which allow them to fly the sky. In the […]