Japanese Crafts – Edo Sashimono, Tokyo

  A famous aspect that you can find in Buddhist temples, and furniture related to Buddhism, is the almost magical ability to make something with no nails. For example, Kiyomizu-dera (清水寺) in Kyoto is a temple that was constructed in 1633 and still stands today, without a single nail used in its construction. Just as […]

Interview with Keiko Masumoto – Ceramic Designer

By Weini Liao Please introduce yourself My name is Keiko Masumoto. I was born in Tatsuno, Hyogo, in 1982. I graduated from the faculty and master of fine arts, Kyoto City University of Arts. I worked in Kyoto for about 10 years, after Kyoto, I worked as a guest artist at the University of the […]

Interview with Tamaki Matsuda – Amazing Lacquer Artisan in Tokyo

Interview by Saneyuki Owada. Please tell us about the beginning of your life. When I was born I my heart wasn’t beating and I wasn’t breathing – it wasn’t exactly an ideal start! My parents were both working as teachers, so I ended up being in childcare soon after I was born. How did you […]

Interview with Anna Kozaki – Superb Japanese Sweetmaker in Tokyo

By Mike Sullivan Please introduce yourself and your background. I was born in Mie prefecture and went to Canada for high school. Then, I attended the Tsuji Institute of Patisserie in Osaka and worked at a cake shop in Mie. After which, I went to Beijing (China) to study Mandarin, before moving to Macau where […]

Interview with Thomas Lim – Actor, Producer and Director based in Tokyo

By Mike Sullivan In the past you have travelled through many countries, studied at Rose Bruford College in London and at the Beijing Sports University, and now live in Japan – how did you end up settling in Tokyo? That’s right. I’m from Singapore and had studied theatre in London, and Chinese Kung Fu in […]

Edo Kiriko Kobayashi – Traditional Japanese Glass Craft

By Saneyuki Owada Yoshiro Kobayashi: The third generation owner of Kobayashi Glass Yoshiro Kobayashi was born in Koutou-ku, Tokyo. After graduating from Meiji University, He took up the study of glassware under the direction of his father, Hideo, who was awarded with a medal and the title “Contemporary Master Craftsman.” Yoshiro Kobayashi followed in his […]

SIWA | ONAO “Change People’s Perspective on Paper”

By Saneyuki Owada The company which SIWA is a subsidiary of, Onao, is a big producer of shoji screen papers, once selling 40% of the country’s share. Their sale expanded greatly when they started selling theirshoji screen papers at the hardware store DOIT since its launch in Tokyo in 1972. The success, however, did not […]

Interview with Midori Komachi – Talented Violinist

Interview and photos by Mike Sullivan Please introduce yourself and your background. Where are you originally from in Japan? I am a classical violinist based in London. I have been performing mainly as a soloist and chamber musician in Europe and Japan, and I recently released my first solo album. I also enjoy giving educational […]

Interview with Kohei Yoshida – Metal Smith educated at Tokyo University of the Arts

By Mike Sullivan Please introduce yourself and your background. Can you also tell us about your studies at the Tokyo University of Art? My name is Kohei Yoshida and when I studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts I was focused on metal. Actually this university was the first Art University in Japan and […]

三度笠 Sandogasa Hat – A Traditional Japanese Accessory

By Mike Sullivan Often in period dramas, movies or even anime you will notice the hats that people wear when travelling, for many people they are seen as cool and are quite often associated with samurai. In fact normally the hat they will wear is called a Sandogasa (三度笠)which is a wide hat but which […]

Interview with Yuriri Naka – Konnichiwa Brick Lane Actress

By Mike Sullivan Please introduce yourself and your background. Where in Japan is your family originally from? I was born and grew up in Tokyo. After graduating from high school in Tokyo, I moved to the UK to study drama and pursue my career as an actress. Last year you starred in the feature movie […]