Yukinori Jinnohara – Tsuchiyu Kokeshi Doll Artisan

By Saneyuki Owada Yukinori Jinnohara 陣野原幸紀 One of the best Tsuchiyu Kokeshi Artisans     A Tsuchiyu Kokeshi doll maker, and also president of the Tsuchiyu Kokeshi Association. He has received many prizes from Japan Kokeshi dolls contests which have been held in Shiroishi city in Miyagi-prefecture every May since 1959 and other competitions such […]

Kokeshi Dolls – Tsuchiyu Style

By Mike Sullivan In a previous article I discussed one type of Kokeshi Doll from Naruko, altogether there are eleven official kinds of Kokeshi dolls, the Naruko style was started by a woodturner called Matagoro Onuma. The popularity of this doll was particularly sparked by a train line to Naruko that was built in 1915.In […]